Project Catering Reinvented.

The purpose of this proposal is to provide better, faster and smarter food service and experience to the millenials who are not fond of waiting for food at places like the University canteen, which remains overcrowded during peak lunch hours. We're striving to provide a solution to the problems the students face each day, through our technology based perspective of catering. An extensive survey results have been presented to support our unique value proposition.

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1st Runner-up at Startup Weekend Ahmedabad

Techstars Startup Weekend is a 54-hour weekend event, during which groups of developers, business managers, startup enthusiasts, marketing gurus, graphic artists and more pitch ideas for new startup companies, form teams around those ideas, and work to develop a working prototype, demo, or presentation by Sunday evening

Certificate of Honor

Felicitaion by Director R.N. Patel At 23rd Foundation Day of Institute of Technology, Nirma University

Currently incubated at GUSEC, Ahmedabad

The Gujarat University Startup and Entrepreneurship Council (GUSEC) supports startups, entrepreneurs and innovators in Gujarat, and facilitates the promotion of a culture and spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation across the university in order to sensitise over 3,50,000 enrolled students with 300+ affiliated institutes and 50+ academic departments of the university.

Value Proposition

Almost everyday, colleges see students working all night to meet deadlines under immense pressure. Even then, there is no provision for those working late and in need of a quick snack. Unavailability of quick and healthy food options often lead to students skipping their meals. Defined timetable and continuous workload prevent them from spending time in queues. Thus, the health of an individual is affected and consequently their efficiency as well as that of the organisation drops.

  • Vending machines

    A vending machine stocked with meal boxes/packed food placed at accessible points of an office building/university canteen.

  • 24/7 POS

    The Point Of Sale(POS) mechanism of the product is designed to work 24/7 for fulfilling consumer demand.

  • IOT Dashboard

    The machine will be connected to the cloud with IoT sensors and actuators which will provide data of sales as well as give information about cabinet restocking.

  • increased sales

    According to the survey, the decrease in the waiting time will increase the sales of meals.

  • Healthy food

    The nutritional values of the Thali can be displayed, attracting attention of students and parents. The packed containers provides more hygiene than reusable plates.

  • Menu selection

    Meal boxes will be planned according to the consumers’ feedback and will be packed to keep the shelf life upto 8 hours.

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