Programming Masterclass

Programming and Development are tools that are becoming increasingly relevant and important. Studying in this field can give you a greater understanding of how technology works. It also gives you the chance to work on all kinds of projects, whether for personal or professional advancement.
Bored of just watching recorded videos online? Come learn programming with us LIVE in no time!

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All courses will be conducted LIVE no recorded lectures. Schedule and other details will be communicated to all registered members.

Why Choose Us?

Do you want to create the world’s next big tech platform? Rapidcode's mission is to empower a whole generation to become creators versus consumers of technology.We teach fundamentals of coding--logic, structure, sequence and algorithmic thinking to enable students and entrepreneurs to generate creative outcomes eg websites, animations and apps. All classes are taught 1:1 Live Online by Top 0.1% of industry coding experts.

  • Pace courses

    No time waste, as soon as you join the class, you dive in to dirty hands on coidng sessions.

  • No Prior Knowledge

    Anyone with a passion and a laptop can learn a new programming skill and get job ready.

  • All major topics

    Everthing from HTML/ CSS / Bootstrap/ Java and Android Development covered.

  • Small Batch size

    We only have a batch size of 15 students for each course. So you'll get all your doubts and questions solved.

  • Extra Doubt Sessions

    Each course has a minimum of 2 doubt classes to ask all your questions and be ahead of 90% of people.

  • Assignments & Study Material

    In each course you will be given downloadable PDF study material for your future reference. The material is developed by our industry experts.

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